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    Document won't reload

      I can't get my document to reload on QV Server, it shows Status-Failed. The document reloads fine from the desktop client. I'm running Client Build Number 10.0.8815.6. I can't find the error logs to trouble shoot. Under QlikView Server Settings>Logging it shows the log folder path as C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\QVS, but the directory ProgramData doesn't exist.


      Thanks in advance for your help!


      Glenn Fisher

        • Document won't reload
          Erich Shiino

          You need to enable the log on your file.

          On QV Desktop go to Setting-> document properties -> General tab -> on the right, check generate log file.


          The log file will be generated during reload and will have the same name that you .qvw has but with the extension .log

          It will go to the same folder as your .qvw


          Sometimes windows will reconize this is a text file (it is!) and will hide the extension and change the icon to text file icon.



          After this we can have more details to help you will the reload problem.


          Hope it helps,