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    Issue while getting qlik web ticket through java program

    Neha Saxena

      Hi Experts,


      We have written a java program to get webticket from the Qlikview server ,the program connects to the server and seeks ticket id by calling the GetWebTicket.aspx program in the  Qlik server directory “/QvAJAXZfc/GetWebTicket.aspx”


      The connection goes well with no errors but the server doesn’t returns a ticket id , we get “null” as ticket id .

      That’s the issue .


      I have attached the java program in text format.


      We are using DMS Authorization. Our license doesn't allow me to change anonymous access. Its always prohibit anonymous. I think because its prohibiting anonymous ticket is null. I am just guessing , If anyone has done this in past and help me it would be great help.


      Best regards,