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    Import Export inputfield qvd

      Hi evryone!

      i try to describe my problem:


      this is the table that i load in qlik script




      LOAD * INLINE [

          A, B

          pippo, 1



      in layout i have create a chart (straight table) with dimension A and expression inputsum(B).

      Now suppose that i change value of B (for example 99).

      Then i've create a botton with a macro to save chart in a qvd:


      Sub prova2

      set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH01")

      obj.ExportEx "C:\Users\s.fiemazzo\Desktop\prova2.qvd", 4

      End Sub


      the QVD contain correctly the value 99

      suppose that in layout i change the value of the inputfield B

      Now i want create another botton to import the QVD and restore the value of 99 in the chart


      i create this macro linked to the new button:


      Sub prova3


      End Sub


      and in qlik script i add this statement:


      replace load * from C:\Users\s.fiemazzo\Desktop\prova2.qvd(qvd);


      BUT THID DON'T WORK... When i clik the button import the value in chart is 1 and not 99 (qlik seems take the number that i load for first)