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    Qlikview Access Point Slow on Virtual Machine

    Jeremy Schmitt

      We recently have been pushing to migrate everything to virtual machines here at the office. We have migrated our entire Qlikview setup (we are on 12.1 SR6) from a 54GB RAM to a 24GB virtual... No settings have changed, everything else is the same with the environment.


      My problem is, ever since the migration, I am getting complaints that pulling up reporting from Access Point and making selections within the reports is much slower than previously... incredibly slow even at times... I do notice sometimes when I am seeing slowness out memory usage is at 85% or sometimes higher. our Working Set  for "High" is set tp 90, so that tells me Qlikview should have access to 90% of the memory leaving 10% for the OS and server operations itself right? So if we are seeing memory at 85% and about that's really 95% of what is available to Qlikview? This would then cause contention issues right?


      Idk what else I could provide, but I was hoping somebody here would help us out. I keep being told the server isn't starving for resources... that it is the VM, but the only common factor that has changed is the migration to a VM...


      Governance Dashboard says that in 2017 we have 77 Unique Users, we have 5 Max Concurrent Sessions (though I don't think it counts reports still help in memory without users in them), what other info/specs could I provide or does anyone have any insight into VMs and Qlikview??