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      Hi there I have a problem calculating columns on pivot tables:

      I have 1 column named TOT WEEK for each date i select in the pic below I have 2 dates (17/07/2009 and 24/07/2009).

      being selection dinamic I can have more columns and different dates. I would like to add a column for each date which gives me the difference between values of tot week. In the example below I was playin with columnNO and Column which I tried for the purpose of my calculation.

      In the example i qwould like to get a new coulm which will result: (Value TOT week for date 24/07/09)-(Value TOT week for date 24/07/17) in this case 0-44= - 44

      I tried column (2) - coumn (1) but it gives no result......

      error loading image

      Thank you

      for the help