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    Hide null values in a measure

    Josh Martyne



      I am comparing two dates, one of which is calculated using a variable which is assigned from a user input in the front end.


      This is displaying a table of initiatives, and I wish to hide rows which do not have their initiative name displayed (as the dates haven't fulfilled the requirements)


      The calculation is below:


      if(max({ $<[Timeline Content]={"CLD"}> } [Timeline Start Date]) <> max( { <[Timeline Content] = {'.'}> * <[Timeline Start Date] = {'<=$(=$(vTest1))'} > } [Timeline Start Date] ),[Initiative Name])


      This is a measure (due to operators such as MAX), if it was a dimension I could 'hide null values' for this column. Any suggestions as to how I could get rid of them and only display rows which satisfy the above algorithm?