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    Qlik sense cloud and NPrinting

    daniel melo

      Hello all,


      Can I install or use NPrinting with Qlik Sense Cloud Business? If it's possible, where can I find information?



      Daniel M

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          Bill Markham

          Unfortunately one cannot use NPrinting with Qlik Sense Cloud Business.

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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Daniel -


            Bill is correct - may I ask if there is anything specific in NPrinting you are looking for in Qlik Sense Cloud?


            The reason I ask is that we have requests to create static like operational reports from Qlik Sense apps - and this can be done in some form or fashion by using Qlik Sense Data Storytelling. People have collected snapshots of their visualizations and arranged them with text and graphics in a Data Storytelling slide - and then export the slide as a report.


            Just checking.



            (I am sure you are aware that Qlik Sense Enterprise - can use NPrinting.)



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            Mike Tarallo