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    Histogram/Bar chart define the X axis limitation, calculation function learning

    celine xu

      Hi, wondering,

      could anyone give some guidance how to create the limitation of X axis. for Histogram and Bar chart


      1. I have a histogram distribution concentrate from 0--2000, but still have a long tail from 2000-6000. I want to limit the graph only showing the distribution from 0-1000.

      How could define the limits of the X  axis from 0-1000?



      2. Same problem here:if I have about 10000 product name (Name), each name have multiple rows.  and I want to create a flip bar chart having the top 20 product names as X axis and have count how many row for each product name as Y and ranking criteria .


      I do not have 'row number' for counting, each row have following fields:

      customID, time, Name(product name), #product, payment  


      But, I want to count the how many of rows exit for each Name. How should I construct the 'count' function. And then limit the graph only showing first 20 products.


      Thank you!


      could I also know where could I find more info /videos regarding how to use Calculation function in Qlik sense? Want to learn more.


      Thank you!