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    Nprinting 16 vertical alignment

    Rakul Alagu

      I m trying to generate a html report using a Straight Table and I have set vertical alignment option for dimension in Straight Table and using Keep Source Format check box checked in Designer. But when I preview I dont see the text aligned Center vertically. I cant use pure HTML style for this because I need to achieve the alternate row coloring in email body. Can someone help me how to achieve vertical alignment with Keep source format checked.


      Nprinting Version : (SR3)

      Qlikview Version : 12.0.20300.0 SR4




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          Chanty 4u




          Nprinting is only based on the template ,Qlik only provides the data  into templates


          the designing and all we need to do  on Excel,PPT,PDF   ...

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            Ruggero Piccoli



            Qlik NPrinting does its best effort to keep the original QlikView or Qlik Sense formats when the option Keep source format is enabled. Best effort means that sometimes the result could not be perfect.


            With HTML reports note that:

            - the rendering result could change on different browsers. If you embed an HTML report into an email body the result could depend on the email client used to visualize it

            - you can uncheck the Keep source format option and manually add custom formatting in the HTML report source code

            - you can link an external CSS


            Another alternative is to insert the original table as an image into the HTML report.


            PS I suggest you to keep your installation aligned with latest version, 16.6 in this case. There are a lot of bugs fixed.



            Best Regards,



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