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    Get Data for Date range while using input Box

    Avik Dasgupta

      Hi All,


      I am new to QlikView and using personal edition (10.0.8715.5 IR), trying to filter my Pivot table using a date range.


      I am using 2 input boxes to select from date and to date. Both the input boxs' predefined value is set as "=Concat(distinct TIM_DATE_YYYYMM,',',TIM_YEAR*-1)" and on Open QVW trigger is set as "=Date(Today(),'YYYY-MM')", and they work absolutely fine. The variables are 'from' and 'to'.


      I am using variable event trigger 'On Change' and Action is 'Select in Field' where the search string I am using as : ='>=' &from & '<=' &to. This doesn't work. I also observed my selected from date and to date do not appear in current selection box. Probably I am not handling the formatting properly. Please help.


      Attaching the QVW, although I am using Personal edition.


      My QVW screen shot is below:



      Thanks & Regards,