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    Qlikview Server 10 license to Server 9 SR1



      Just new here in the community and was hopin to get great opinions from the experts. Here is our scenario .. I recently un-installed our Qlikview Server 10 since we've been encountering system issues and errors on the reload qlikview file, and so i reverted back to Version 9 SR1, problem is the ver. 9 community license has expired and im forced to use the new one that we used for Qlikview server 10.. It registered successfully with details of DocumentCals (100) Session Cals, (1)..


      But when i checked the Name User CALs: section it (0 in license) meaning no one is able to open the Qlikview file. Quiet thinkin is it a license issue? of is there any troubleshoot procedure i can do?


      Appreciate any response on this.

        • Qlikview Server 10 license to Server 9 SR1
          Ashfaq Mohammed



          For down grade I would like you to remove qlikview server from control pannel and remove all the entries for V10 and as well as V 9 from registry. In order to avoid version confliction.


          Later as your licenses are concern Its not an issue.


          You don't have Named user cals Instead you have document cal and session cal.


          In order to make use of Document cals just follow the steps mentioned below.


          1) give proper authorization permision on document via NTFS or DMS what ever mechanism you follow

          2) go to qemc --> documents tab --> user document --> select an application

          then to the right pain go to tha tab  called Document's CAL, in the section Number of cals allocated to this document

          enter the number of users you wana give access to this document.

          suppose 5. then enter 5 in this field.

          select the checkbox allo dynamic CAL assignment ---> Apply


          Restart the qlikview related services.


          Now try to access the document.


          I'm sure this will definately gona help you out.


          If you still have any difficulties fell free to ask.


          Hope that helps



          • Qlikview Server 10 license to Server 9 SR1
            Brent Nichol

            I had some difficulty downgrading to v9, but with some help from the community I was eventually successful.


            Here's the link to another discussion... http://community.qlik.com/message/105708#105708


            Good luck,


            • Qlikview Server 10 license to Server 9 SR1

              Sorry for the very late response.. thanks everyone for the help.. yup i followed most of the instruction and it worked.