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    QV Management Service - General URL change.

    Shirley Cisneros

      Hi All,


      A TEST enviroment has been configured and  QlikView 12 (development)  and  QV access Point are working without issue.


      The problem is Management Console,  jobs are not running and reports errors. 




      System / Setup / Management Service  / General    the URL still point the production server  and  not sure how to change it.




      Other Setup  in this area has been changed and point the test server.


      Is it posible someone can help me to guide  what I should  do?


      Thanks in advance!!

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          Chip Matejowsky

          Hi Shirley,

          For clarity's sake, you are attempting to change the URL of the QMS to point within an existing QV environment so that it the QMS will run on a separate Windows server with the QMS installed on it?


          Best Regards,


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            Peter Cammaert

            If you need a different QMC for your (new) Test environment, then you'll have to install another QMS in your test environment as well. The QMC is just a web page filled, displayed and managed by a QlikView service called QlikView Management Service (QMS). If you call for the QMC of your Production system, it will display whathever the Production QMS wants to show. Which is the Production configuration and the Production status.


            The QMC page in your browser doesn't do much beyond managing a slick and efficient user interface and getting information from/putting information into the QMS.


            You could reconfigure the QMS on odin2 (Production) to display all aspects of the QlikView configuration on odin2-test (Test), but then you will lose your entire Production configuration and as a result it will stop working. Not the intended result I guess...

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              Chip Matejowsky

              I concur with Peter. Best to stop & disable the QMS service on the server you no longer want it to run on; then install just QMS service on the server you do want it to run on and configure to the other QV services, data folders, etc. The last thing you want is to active QMS services configured to the same source folders in a QlikView environment. This will cause you a ton of headaches.


              Hope this helps,