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    ServiceNow Rest API

    MadanMohanReddy RaghavaReddy

      Hi All,


         I'm using ServiceNow Rest API to pull the data. I have 400k records in Incident table.It seems there is a limit on Data extraction from servicenow to QLIK. I'm getting only ~90k records.In order to pull all 400k records, I believe I have to create multiple connections. Did any one have ideas on how to handle multiple connections in QLIK by using ServiceNow REST API?.






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          Sandeep Roy

          Hi Madan,


          You can create multiple REST connections having different URLs  and also can use the concept of WITH Connection and pagination if applicable.


          Some APIs have timeout in their servers . You can apply some Sleep function in your script to check that.


          For more clarity , you can give your request file or screenshot.