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    JSON with Authorization by Token

    micro win



      I have a URL where I need to GET data in JSON with a Token:


      Content-TypeGET - application/json


      I was told that the token is a Key that should be sent with the Header.


      So then I have for example the following data:


      URL: https://website.qlik.com

      Sample: /api/customers.json

      Authorization: aXHjHjLoRpGG==

      Content-Type: application/json

        X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest

      1 - How can I access the data from Chrome to try if it works? Should I use something like this? https://website.qlik.com/api/customers.json/aXHjHjLoRpGG==

      2 - How can I load this data from QlikView? I have version 11.20


      Thank you!!!