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    Import Server tasks

    Jesus Pita Merino

      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to import a huge amount of tasks from one publisher to another. I know the Remote Management Service can do this but I have over a thousand tasks to import so this amount makes the manual process unaffordable.


      Note that not all tasks must be imported but the amount probably exceed a thousand. Anyone knows a different approach to import these tasks? Is there any configuration file, xml or procedure which I can modify or use to achieve this?


      I'm trying to modify the ID reference in the XML file SourceDocument.xml and DocumentTask.xml to point to a different publisher machine but regarding the community comments this must be done with extreme caution and can result into bad server behavior. I need some feedback before trying to do this.



      Thanks in advance.




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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Short answer is it is not possible, and tasks must be recreated individually or using the Remote Management Services. There is no out of the box tool or solution to import or export tasks massively to be consumed in a different environment or server (i.e.: DEV to PROD).


          Longer answer is that somehow, since mostly all that information can be found in XML files, you could eventually "copy & paste" the folder from the old server to the new one and have it working. You could also use the QMS API and read from the old server and create on the new one, even use third party products, if the workload is so big, like those NOADbi.com. I never used them so I cannot give you more insights.


          If you have a spare server / sandbox or even a local server installation in your laptop, I would go for the copy & paste of the QVPR folder to the new server, changing the references from the old server to the new one and test that scenario.