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    NPrinting 17 Image Border

    Andrew Lindquist



      I am building a PowerPoint report template in NPrinting 17 (June 2017 release) and I'm having an issue with a text object showing a border when I preview the report even though the object does not have a border. I created a table within the PowerPoint template that has a certain cell background color. Then I created a text box in QlikView that has the same background color (same RGB) and added that text box as an Image object in the NPrinting report template. When I add that image to the report in the cell that has the same background color, I expect to see nothing. However, I'm seeing a white border where the image is. Is there a way to remove this border?


      Here's how the Image object looks in the template:


      NPrinting Template.png

      Here's the result when I preview the report (it's faint but visible):

      NPrinting White Border.png

      As you can see, there is a white border where the Image object is located even though the QlikView text box and the PowerPoint table have the same background color.


      Here are the settings of the text object in QlikView:


      NPrinting Text Object General.png

      NPrinting Text Object Border.png


      Is there any way to remove that white border so I don't see anything? I have already tried setting the background color transparency of the text box in QlikView to 100% but that didn't work.