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    How QlikSense Cloud Stores the measures using Direct Query?

    sara perez lopez

      Dear colleages,


      I would like to know more about the behavior of the "direct query" in QlikSense Cloud:


      DIRECT QUERY DIMENSION fieldlist [MEASURE fieldlist] [DETAIL fieldlist] FROM tablelist [WHERE where_clause]


      Could you please clarify if the data in measures keep when I close the application and I open it again?


      My ideal scenario would be:


      1. Load the dimensions and measures on my QlikSense cloud application.

      2. Click on one chart where i have the measures and dimensions

      3. I see that the data in mesures change.

      4. I close the session

      5. I open the session

      6. I dont see data in measures.


      Is that scenario possible?


      Thank you for your time and best regards.