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    Invalid IIS Authentication String in Events log file

    Klaus Feldam

      We are getting 100-150 of the following entries in the QlikView Server Event log every day:


      4 504 Information Session stop reason: invalid iis authentication string

      4 504 Information Ticket Lookup: Ticket C48E7DD6CE68D68D9190AC779D1F9B7F9779FEF5 not found.


      We don't have IIS installed at all. We are using QlikView's Web Server on QlikTech's recommendation.


      Any assistance would be highly appreciated as this may be related to unexpected client behavior (e.g. IE closing down while opening a QlikView application from the AccessPoint, QlikView applications not displaying on AccessPoint, etc.)


      Best regards,

      Klaus Feldam





      Server: Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 x64

      Server CPU – 8 x 2.13GHz Intel Xeon

      Server Memory – 64GB

      QlikView Server: 9.00.7320.7 SR2 64-bit (x64)

      Web Server: QlikView (IIS NOT installed)


      Clients: Internet Explorer IE Plug-In / AJAX – Windows XP and Windows 7

      QlikView IE PlugIn Client: 9.00.7320.7 SR2

        • Invalid IIS Authentication String in Events log file

          We are having exactly the same problem. Windows 2008 R2 server, no IIS.


          From the user's point of view, every time this pair of log entries show up, the screen will hang forever while trying to refresh the screen. We restarted our QlikView server and the frequency of this kind of error dramatically went down, but they still happens from time to time.


          Klaus, have you found a final solution to this?


          Many thanks,



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            We are using IIS and we get this error pretty regularly it seems also.  The users end up getting a no connection popup and the application will not load.  We are using ticketing with SSO with IIS.  It is very frustrating.  A reboot seems to be the only cure and we are working on a schedule to reboot the server every couple days so we do not see these errors. 

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              Bill Britt

              The is where a Ticket that has already been used is used again. I have seen this when a Users session has timeout and they hit refresh. Their session tries to reuse the old ticket.



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                  Could this be a timeout issue? As in our case the user is loading the app in for the first time and the app takes some time to load up.  Could IIS or the QVS be timing out from the load?  We get a error box of no connection.  I am getting ready to submit a ticket to support for this as I had to reboot our production server yesterday for this very issue.  I tried to reset IIS and also restart all the QV services and it was giving the users the error.  Upon reboot the users could log in again and the app would load.  I am just wondering if there are issues with the handshake from a user getting a ticket and then autheticating in the application via DMS.  They seem to get a ticket without too much of a issue when I see this error but then the app fails after about 1-2 minutes trying to load it appears.  After the no connection error if the user is still in their web session and tries the application again the no connection box pops up quicker which leads me to believe you are correct about the session and the ticket.  I am just wondering if IIS or QVS has a timeout setting somewhere for ticket and session issuance. 

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                      Bill Britt

                      It could be, you can try to change the QVS Timeout in the Config.xlm file to see it that will help.


                      The file is located at C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer and the setting is




                      Another thing you can do is if the QVW is very large Preload it. That way the user doesn't have to wait for QVS to load it in memory.



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                          This seems to have reduced the amount of errors noticed with the change.  I went up to 3 minutes for right now and will be watching it.  Thank you again for the help. 

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                              Rajesh Chittireddy

                              We started having this issue last week, all of sudden. We are currently working with QlikView support on this issue but wanted to check if anyone found the solution. As recommended by QlikView support, we disabled the session recovery but still having the issue. Also, we saw this issue with a document which is being used actively already (i.e. already loaded in RAM and accessed by another user). We get No Connection popup in IE and just by refreshing the browser window, we can open the document (very rarely, the popup is shown second time as well).


                              Would appreciate if we anyone can share their findings.