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    Set row on pivot table.

      Hi guys, im pretty new to Qlikview, but im doing my best to learn as im quite enjoying it, now i have a question which may seem pretty basic to most of you, but for me it is still a mistey, i hope somecome can help.


      Basically i have got this table







      And i would like to change as it shows on the excel file, with the "Units" field as my data, and the "Week" field showing as a row and not a column.


      Appreciated for the help, Thanks.

        • Set row on pivot table.
          John Witherspoon

          In the chart properties, change your straight table to a pivot table.  Then click and hold on the week label, and drag it to the top of the chart.  A blue arrow should appear indicating where the column will go.  Let go of the mouse button, and the weeks should move to the top of the chart as shown.