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    Qlik Sense - security rules to manage single sheets showing

    Andrea Gigliotti


      My requirement is to show only 4-5 sheets of 30 total.

      Below the security rule I'm using for specific users that works fine:


      Resource filter: App.Object_*,Stream_5666088f-c4de-4f2c-88aa-d5ea4b1b19a1

      ((user.userDirectory="AM" and resource.app.name="Sales analysis" and resource.name!="Agenti Top Performer" and resource.name!="Analisi dei sospesi e blocchi" and resource.name!="FATT vs MARG LORDO" and resource.name!="ANALISI GEOGRAFICA" and resource.name!="Relazioni" and resource.name!="Fatt vs MARG comparativo" and resource.name!="KPI AREA" and resource.name!="TEST for support" and resource.name!="TEST for support (1)" and resource.approved="true" and resource.name!="CRM"))


      I'd need to add another security rule for all users belongs to userDirectory="SF" to enable them to see only the following sheets names:

      - "Agenti Top Performer"

      - "Analisi dei sospesi e blocchi"

      I know I could use the same rule as above with all sheets names they can't see but I'd like to use the reverse logic I mean listing only the sheets they can access to like below:

      Resource filter: App.Object_*

      ((user.userDirectory="SF" and resource.app.name="Sales analysis" and resource.name="CRM" and resource.approved="true"))


      Using this security rule I noted I can't see Master Items anymore. Why ?


      Also I'd like to know if is possible to use Tags within security rule in order to avoid to list all sheets name.


      Could someone suggest me the quickest way to enable users to show only some sheets (with Master Items) with security rule ?


      Attached all rules I disabled if can help.


      Many thanks in advance.


      Best Regards