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    Bar chart background color

    Shashank Vyas

      Hello All,


      I have a problem with my Bar chart like:

      1) I have a Dimension as 'Category'.

      2)In the expression, i have given specific colors(in the background color of the expression) to every bar according to value of the Dimension as:

      =Pick(Match(Category,'Your Company','Your Customers','Your Processes','Your Responsibilities','Your Role','Overseer'),rgb(241,115,115),rgb(98,176,255),rgb(255,140,55),rgb(0,101,149),rgb(11,147,116),rgb(126,138,146))


      3)It works perfectly fine wheni select any month which has data for it. But when there is not data in the moneht selected then all bars show single default color.


      I want to keep the color as it required if there is no data also.


      *NOTE: In my expression i am calculating rolling YTD data.