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    Merging tables with different levels of detail

      I get my data at a Division level earliest every quarter, for all income statement accounts.



      Year Quarter Division Written Premium Earned Premium Losses
      2010                 1 North America                           20,000                          18,000    10,800
      2010                 1 Europe                           12,000                          12,000      8,400
      2010                 1 Asia                           15,000                          10,000      6,500


      Then, a week later I get my data for Written Premium only broken out by country, which I can map to a division.


      Year Quarter Country Written Premium
      2010                 1 USA                           14,000
      2010                 1 Mexico                              2,000
      2010                 1 Canada                              4,000
      2010                 1 London                              8,000
      2010                 1 Ireland                              4,000
      2010                 1 Singapore                           15,000



      Country Division
      USA North America
      Mexico North America
      Canada North America
      London Europe
      Ireland Europe
      Germany Europe
      Japan Asia
      Egypt North Africa

      So I'd like to have my one income statement account be able to drill down, or have charts showing it by country.. and every other income statement account shown by division.  An added layer is that I have Forecast data by Country and Division.. but that is for another day.  How should I set up my tables to not have synthetic keys?  I'd like to add that waiting for the by Country data for Written premium isn't an option.  Thanks for any help.