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    Help with Sorting Order for Trailing Twelve Months based on user selection in Qliksense

    Vinay Bangari

      in Qliksense


      Current Month October

      TTM ( trailing twelve months)—Since we are in Oct 2017 then it will start from Oct 2017 back to Nov 2016

      PTTM (Previous trailing twelve months)--- Since we are in Oct 2017 then it will start from Oct 2016 back to Nov 2015


      Set Analysis ( TTM) , there is a field called MonthIndex ( Year*12 +Month) using this field I have subtracted 12 to give me the bucket values of TTM & PTTM

      Sum( {<MonthIndex = {"$(='>' & $(vFixedTTM) & '<=' & $(vFixedMonthIndex))"} >} SalesAmount)



      Issue or What customer is expecting :



      If you see above screen shot the line is the issue, in the sorting we can do either January to December or December to January. But customer wants the sorting to be as shown in the table on the left Start from the current month to end of TTM. If Customer picks June then it should start from June to July



      Please let me know if you need any additional info