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    "Cannot parse data in selected response type"

    Seb Bac

      Hello there,


      I have a problem with loading data to Qlik Sense with REST driver.


      I have tried to load JSON, XML and CSV data (same data but in different formats). I can display them in add data form (see attachment load_form.png) but when I am trying to load selected data in then i throws me multiple times error (see attachment error.png). I have tried to load this data with Web File Driver but it is throwing same error.


      I thought that this might be a problem with encoding but I have tried encoding UTF-8 and still nothing (UTF-8 xml files from e.g. SOLR are working correctly). I couldn't find other requirements for load data.


      Do you have any idea whats wrong? What else should I add to the file to get it working?


      Any help is really appreciated.


      Data is in file (1).csv