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    QlikView Server specs for VMware

      Hello everyone! I'm new to QlikView, we just purchased it. We want to try running QlikView Server on VMware. For now it's going to be just a few users using it. QV will be used for analytics on top of a 50gb MySql database.

      Those of you who have QVS running on VMware without any performance issues - can you plase share your VM specs?

      Thank you!

        • QlikView Server specs for VMware
          Ashfaq Mohammed



          Hardware sizing will be done after completion of project.


          which will relay on number of factors mentioned below.


          • Data volumes
          • Development of all application and its number
          • Identifying of number of user Involved


          but to give start I will give you some standard recomendations


          Operating System:-

          Can be any one of the below.

          Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition

          Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Edition




          Quad core processor




          Required minimum of 64 GB of Ram, With extendable ram slots or Capabilities. So that ram can be increased upon required.



          Note:- This thing are subjected to change. Final recommendation will be given upon completion of developement cycle.


          Also for your reference I will attach a document for hardware sizing.


          to download go through the link mentioned below.




          Hope that helps