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    Sheet level conditional option in QlikSense

    Vishnu Chakravaram



      Is a sheet level conditional option in the roadmap of QS? I understand that roadmap features don't always trickle down into the application but I'm hoping it's on your list .


      I ask this because several users wanted to show only a subset of sheets to users (Basically section access at the sheet level)



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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Vishnu,


          So I believe that conditional sheet level can be controlled with security rules -something like this?


          Sheet or App Object Level Security Qlik Sense


          Let me know if this meets your expectations.


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              Vishnu Chakravaram



              This is something that we identified before and will be looking into. However, this approach is laborious and puts additional burden on the Admin side.


              The conditional option for Expressions / Dimensions and Sheets is a very useful feature as this can be coupled with section access to give more control on user access.


              I work for a Large Pharma client and we had to scrap one project because of this.


              (The conditional Show / Hide of visualization would be a real bonus but I heard it does't pair well varying resolutions.)


              That's why I was curious if you guys have anything on the road map for these features.


              The client I work for is experimenting with QS as I see at this point. Hopefully they'll like our features and implement Sense globally.