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    How to write greater than one expression

    naveen kunuru

      Hello All,


                  I need to write a expression to display only those prices where count of distinct prices are greater than 1 for a materials and plants combination

      so i wrote this expression

      Aggr(If(Count({<SCOPE={'Yes'}, VALIDTO ={">$(=Date(today(),'DD-MM-YYYY'))"}>} DISTINCT PRICE_MAT) > 1, sum({<SCOPE={'Yes'}, VALIDTO ={">$(=Date(today(),'DD-MM-YYYY'))"}>}DISTINCT PRICE_MAT)),[MATERIAL CODE],[PLANT CODE])

      so what i got is this()


      The Above expression is picking only one supplier even though it is having 6 distinct supplier ,so what should i need to change in my expression to get display all the supplier for that material plant combination