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    Qlik Sense API - getting Data

    Ruan Haese



      I'm playing around with the API's for Qlik Sense. More specifically the Engine API.

      Its very much trial and error as I'm struggling to find documentation on using the API's.


      My question is - how do I get to send a "qlik query" through to the API engine,

      for example data = "SUM( {< Person={'John'} >} Amount)" and it should return the correct value through all the associations.


      Basically I've been able to connect to the Engine and by selecting the right App and providing a table

      I was able to collect a dataset back in .NET


      I'm manipulating the dataset myself but I'm sure that I'm probably doing this the wrong way

      as Qlik API's might be able to do the calculations (with all the associations) for you.


      Any help on this or links to tutorials on what the separate API's are for would be greatly appreciated.