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    Dynamic Color Condition in KPI/Text object

    bhavani b

      Hi Everyone,


      Can any one please help me on this on Qliksense.

      In a KPI I have the results From my measure like R,G.

      When the result is G i need to show the text in Green color

      when the result is R i need to show the text in Red color.


      I have used this expression in the KPI measure but not working in Text object getting RGB Code as result.

      if((only({<Monthyear={'=$(=Max(MonthYear)'},ID={1}>}[RAG status])='G',RGB(0,153,0),

      if((only({<Monthyear={'=$(=Max(MonthYear)'},ID={1}>}[RAG status])='R',RGB(153,0,0)))


      is there any way to show this in KPI/TEXT object with colored text as per the expression code change.


      Thanks in advance.