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    Security rule to apply custom properties to apps

    James Carpenter

      Hi - I'm creating rules to allow "team admin" and "developer" users to apply existing custom properties to apps that they own. However, when they edit an app's properties in QMC, they cannot see the available custom properties. I've given them Read/Update access to the CustomPropertyDefinition resource, and even added the QmcSection_CustomPropertyDefinition resource, although the latter seems unnecessary.


      Here is what they see; notice the CUSTOM PROPERTIES panel is empty for this user:



      Several custom properties exist in the environment, but so far only RootAdmin and ContentAdmin can see them in this context.


      These are the rules I created already that don't seem to allow team admins to even see custom property values:


      1) _RH TeamAdmin Edit Rights

      Resource filter: Stream*,App*,ReloadTask*,SchemaEvent*,Tag*,CompositeEvent*,ExecutionResult*,CustomProperty*,User_*,Task*

      Actions: Create / Read / Update / Delete / Publish


      ((user.@UserGroup like "*_ADMINS"



      or resource.resourcetype="CustomProperty")



      2) _RH TeamAdmin Create Rights

      Resource filter: Task*, ReloadTask*, Tag*, CustomProperty*

      Actions: Create / Read / Update

      Condition: ((user.@UserGroup like "*_ADMINS"))


      3) _RH TeamAdmin QMC Sections

      Resource filter: QmcSection_App, QmcSection_DataConnection, QmcSection_ContentLibrary,QmcSection_App.Object, QmcSection_Task, QmcSection_ReloadTask, QmcSection_Event, QmcSection_SchemaEvent, QmcSection_CompositeEvent, QmcSection_CustomPropertyDefinition

      Actions: Read

      Condition: ((user.@UserGroup like "*_ADMINS"))