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    Sheet in embedded iframe not showing sheet title

    Rebekah Beets

      So we made a title for the sheet like so (see pic):image_0D.png


      and it appears on the sheet itself fine, but when i pull said sheet into html via the iframe like so:



      <iframe src='ourspecialuri/single?appid=314afaf5-2c3c-4fad-a51f-c6de4799f3b5&sheet=e3ad6687-6050-4899-b3f8-8adde50fbc92&opt=currsel&select=clearall' style='border:none;width:1200px;height:1000px;'></iframe>



      ...the sheet appears, but the title bar (as seen in pic) does not show at all. the space is there for it, but it just reflects the background of the qlik sheet