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    Drive Almost Full, Moved Logs, Operations Monitor Not Working

    Ben Jendrick

      Hey all,


      I hope someone in the community has already handled this kind of issue.  Here's the bullet points:


      1. Our C drive for Qlik Sense was almost full,
      2. So I moved our ArchivedLogs, and ServerLogFolder to a separate drive in our Azure instance,
      3. All files were relocated to those new directories,
      4. Everything works great for our apps, etc,
      5. But shortly thereafter I realized our Operations Monitor no longer shows any details on the 24-Hour Summary page.


      I believe that the system is still continuing to put logs into the original directory even though the settings were modified, all files were moved, and the processes were restarted.  Any insight or input as to what I might need to correct?


      Thank you.