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    Networkdays function impacted by chart dimension

    Gus Feltham


      I'm having trouble with a bar chart that has 2 dims and a measure that includes a networkdays calculation.

      Please see attached file and filter on Mth-Yr='Oct-17' and callsign='NEWT21'.  The table next to the chart has the correct average calculation (10.0) , but the chart does not calculate this measure correctly (11.15), although it uses the same formula.

      The reason is Dim 'DHB' , value='ACC' has only only 1 weekday available for selection, due to very few data rows compared to multiple for the other DHB values.


      So what I'm after is a way of dividing by networking days in the chart measure - for the user selected Mth-Yr's , but ignoring the dimension DHB - to get the same average value as per the table.

      I have tried using the TOTAL function but with no success.


      many thanks