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    What is the best way to deploy Apps in Qlik Sense Enterprise version

    Daniel Wardzynski

      I will go and ask this openly and see what are the best ideas I get from experts in the community.


      I am working on a Qlik Sense Enterprise server where most of the testing (UAT), development has been done on the very same server unfortunately also serving as the Production environment. I am experienced in Qlikview and now getting up and running in the Qlik Sense Environment.

      What we need to do is clean the environment, but also move the most relevant Applications from this mixed environment (Prod, Uat, Dev) first to a DEV environment, then to the UAT and finally to a cleaned up PROD environment.


      I am looking into governance applications, such as Qlik Sense Governance Collector,(Qlik Branch), but also into a Qlik deployment framework. Maybe also Qlik Sense QMC utilities?


      What is the best and easiest approach to do this without introducing to much complications.

      We have many applications that have data connections to DBs as well as excel files.

      We have different streams, and we have different departments having access to different Streams.

      I would need some help with role definitions, defining responsibilities, but also best practice on moving applications with their data connections, extensions, 2 layers of apps (QVD generators as well as Front-End apps) and to make it more complicated we use Mashups on top of that, that are integrated with a website portal.


      All your advice is highly appreciated!