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    Count total # (if not in selection) belonging to a specific case

    Minke Mennen

      Hello all,


      I'm trying to calculate the total number of subscriptions (new and old) that belong to a relationship id if this relationship id has a new inflow subscription.


      I want to make the following calculation:

      Inflow CLV-value = (sum (CLV-value)) * (# inflow_relationship_ids# active subscriptions belonging to these relationship id's).



      • Each relationship has 1 CLV-value
      • One relationship id can have multiple subscriptons


      • Sum(Inflow CLV-value) = SUM({$<new_inflow_subscription={1}>} clv_value)
      • # inflow relationship_id = COUNT({$<new_inflow_subscritpion={1}>} distinct relationship_id)
      • # active subscriptions belonging to these relationship id's= ???

      I cannot solve the problem of calculating the total # active subscriptions belonging to the inflow relationship ID's. Thus, if a relationship has a new inflow subscription in a certain week I need to count all the subscriptions that this specific relationship has (new inflow ids but also older already existing ones).


      For example:

      relationship x has a new inflow subscription in week y, namely subscription A. But relationship X is already active with 2 other subscriptions, namely subscription B and subscription C.


      CLV of relationship x = 900€.

      # Relationship = 1

      # Subscriptions = 3


      Then Inflow CLV-value = 900 * (1/3) = 300.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks! Minke