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    ErrorHandling on QlikSense

    Michele De Nardi

      Hi guys,

      i would like to manage errors during loads, so i would like to create something similar to "On Error Call ..." and call a sub that manage the errors, for example create a txt with the error description...


      The only solution i've found is this:


      Set ErrorMode=0;
      load * from Error.qvd(qvd);  //Error.qvd doesn't exist so it will generate an error... this is an example...
      if ScriptError<>'' then
          Call ErrorHandling;
      end if


      But i would like to avoid using the ErrorMode variable because, in case of error/s, the script must stop.

      I would like to put something similar to On Error Call ErrorHandling at the beginning of the load and in case of error, the function is called.


      Any ideas on how to achieve this?