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    Compare variable value to field value ..?

    omar bensalem

      Hi all, stalwar1


      I have a variable defined as follow:


      UserID:  =subfield(osuser(),'\',1)  : since I'm using the desktop; its value is : Me


      I have a table containing all user Ids and their names:




      Load * inline [

      UT, UserName

      Me, Omar Ben Salem   

      Other, other user


      What I want is to update my variable from Me to Me (Omar Ben Salem) : which is

      :Subfield(Osuser(),'\',1)&' ('& UserName of UT = Subfield(Osuser(),'\',1) &')'

      What I did is this:

      =Subfield(Osuser(),'\',1)&'('& aggr(Only({<UT ={"$(=UserID)"}>} UserName ),UserName)&')'

      It partially works but it returns :


      Why it's returing the Me() thing? I just want it to return Me (Omar Ben Salem)

      Hope the explanation of my problem is clearer than the thread's title

      Thanks !