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    Qlik Sense cannot recognizez Today's date.

    omar bensalem

      Hi mto,


      I experienced sthing really strange.


      In fact, I kept my Qlik Sense desktop opened since 31/10/2017.


      When I put as a filter (or in the script)

      date(today()) I have : 31/10/2017 ! But, we're not; we are on 02/11/2017

      Even when I refresh my app, the filter I added keeps on showing 31/10/2017 as the today's date

      I also reloaded the app; and the today() field is always kept at 31/10/2017

      Now, when I closed Qlik Sense and then reopened it; Then It recognizes that today's date is :02/11/2017


      Another thing, Qlik Sense is aware that the 31/10/2017 of the 31 and the the 31/10/2017 which is normally 02/11 is not the same thing:



      as you can see, It hasn't merged the 2 31/10 and 30/10 in the same row..


      This is a really weird behaviour that can affect my whole project !

      Are you aware of such a thing please?


      ps: I'm using the Qlik Sense September 2017