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    Export Raw Data from Data Manager

    daniel melo

      Hello Mike!


      Thanks Mike/Bill for your response.


      Mike, I was asking because the people, at the end, want to export the visualizations to a pdf files and share it, so I was looking for a solution with Qlik Sense Cloud and Nprinting. Then I read this https://community.qlik.com/thread/193240 and I found it is not possible. At the end I think is just matter to educate users to use Data Storytelling. Also I wanted to ask you if there is a way to export the raw data in a flat file other than create a table with all the columns? For example from the data manager?


      Thanks in advance!

      Daniel M.

        • Re: Export Raw Data from Data Manager
          Michael Tarallo

          Hello Daniel - I created a new discussion thread from the other post as - I see this as an important question that should be on its own. In regards to the other post - yes, I see - export functionality for users (workgroup members) in Qlik Sense Cloud is coming, I just don't have a time-frame yet.


          In regards to exporting raw data directly, that is not possible from the data manager, but I do like the idea - (I will post it in our internal ideation site) .... as a Analytics / DataViz / BI company we always try to improve the way people use data and analytics - but people are creatures of habit and some resist change and like doing things the way they want to - and no experts or suggestions will change their minds - in other words:


          Question: "If I give you a great data visualization and analytics platform with all the data ready to go to build your analysis - why in the world are you exporting the raw data to put in another product like Excel - etc.?"


          Answer: "Because I want to, and that's what I know am are used to!"


          It's been like this for the 20+ years I've been in BI. <Sigh>


          Thanks for your question.


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