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    Qlikview - creating a loop for an API call

    Twan Peters

      I'm trying to create a loop for an API Call to Eloqua and i can use some help for this.


      The Eloqua Rest API returns 1000 records per page.


      The URL looks like below for the first 1000 records:



      In case there are more than 1000 records that you want to extract, you need to change the page number:

      The below URL will return 1001-2000 records



      However, you don't know how many pages there are, hence, the API call needs to stop when the API call doesn't return any records.

      Therefore, for the API call i need to create a loop where the pagenumber is 'x', and the call needs to stop when the call returns with 0 records. Till then the API call need to extract data and place it in a table.


      I simply don't know how to write this, can someone help me with this?