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    Nprinting Preview and Connection generation Stuck

    Rakul Alagu


        While previewing a powerpoint template, nprinting doesnt seems to creating the preview and then I get a error saying preview is taking more time and requests me to run the report as task.

      Whenever i get this error and when I reload meta data, the connection get stuck in generating state and never gets completed(Usually it takes less than min to reload).. After service restart everything comes to normal.

      Not sure how to debug this issues and any help regarding this is more appreciable.


      Nprinting version : 17.3.0

      Template Generated : Powerpoint




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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          Hi Rakul,


          1. Any chance you can upgrade to more stable version? September 2017?
          2. When previewing a template you actually run a report without any filters on Qlik application, so it can produce unexpected (also very big) results and therefore process is timing out. I usually take an approach where for NPrinting Development i use small qvw/qvf file, prepare template, test, run it and then reload a qvw/qvf to load full dataset for production use
          3. There can be an issue that when you get stacked on your preview, NPrinitng Engine is busy occupying document you are running reports from and therefore cannot modify repository to update metadata in it - that is why i whole process stops - THIS IS ONLY MY ASSUMPTION (based on my observations how NPrinting works)




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            Ruggero Piccoli

            This could be the effect of a bug resolved in the June 2017 release.


            Metadata reload problems with large QlikView documents

            Metadata reload of large QlikView documents (.qvw files bigger than around 2 GB), failed and the metadata remained in "Generating" status.


            So upgrading to September 2017, as suggested by Lech, should resolve.


            Best Regards,



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