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    Adding Averages in Pivot Tables

    Desmond Walker

      I am using a Pivot table to show the number of visits a patient has been seen by a physician.  How can I get the average number number of visits by provider?  I can export to excel and calculate and get the following:



      Total Visits by Patient12264
      Dr. Feel Good12264
      Avg Visits Per Patient4



      So the Average visits for Dr. Feel good = 4 (12Visits/3 patients).


      How can I get the average for all of my Providers to show up in the Pivot?  Also, is there a way to group by the number of visits...Say, Patient 1 had 2 visits, Patient 6 had 2 visits, and Patient 20 had 2 visits.  I could sum the number of patients that had 2 visits and sum the patients that had 4 visits.  Is there a way to do this in Qlik