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    Get the maximum value and counts

    Matt Moskaluk


      I want to thank everyone here for the help they provide. Maybe I'll be able to provide help soon.   I'm struggling with a basic expression. For the life of me I can't seem to get it right. Below is my data and the expected output.  The headers below represent KPI's. Essentially I would like to show KPI's with a count of distinct TicketID's for the TicketStatusDesc, but over the TicketID's and highest TicketActionNum. I only want to report on the distinct Ticket current status in TicketStatusDesc.

      I attached a small workup of what I'm trying to achieve.


      It seems that the below SA is looking at the highest TicketActionNum for the whole data set. How do I get it to take into consideration the TicketID without selecting the TicketID.


      My expression and SA is below. For each KPI, I am changing the TicketStatusDesc={"TicketStatusDesc"}.






      LOAD * INLINE [


          100, 3,"In-Progress","Sales"

          100, 2,"Assigned","Sales"

          100, 1,"New","Sales"

          101, 1,"New","Marketing"       

          101, 2,"Closed","Marketing"



      Expected KPI output with no selections being made.

      NewAssignedIn ProgressClosed



      Thank You in advance !