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    Waterfall Chart Sorting

    Laurelly Allaway

      Can you sort your measures in a waterfall chart by descending order? Currently I am sorting my 8 measures manually by dragging or pulling in the measures in the correct order.

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          Mark Little



          Looking through the options it doesn't look like it.

          There might be an options via an Extensions. Have a look on Qlik Branch.



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            Michael Tarallo

            Hello Laurelly,


            Mark is correct, currently that option has not been implemented - what you are doing is the best approach. I have added this to the ideation internal process we have which helps get new ideas and adjustments such as this into the product.


            BTW in case you are interested, our amz wrote a great article on the Qlik Design blog today - it has some great information.


            The new Waterfall chart


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