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    Qlik Sense Desktop with load problems

    Thomas Freinbichler



      I normally work on the Qlik-Sense Server environment.

      Additionally I use Qlik Sense Desktop on my laptop for script-development with data from the server installation.


      The server installation works without trouble.

      But the desktop version sometimes causes troubles, I do not understand.

      Even if I use exact the same XML-data and the same script as in the server installation.


      1) Sometimes the load with the desktop version results in a hang.

      I already found out that data stored in Google Drive caused problems. After I copied the data to C: most problems disappeard.

      But still sometimes the load hangs. The strange thing is, that this does not appear in the server version.

      In the log file I could not find any trouble.

      The script should be okay as it works on server side.

      How can I find out the problem?


      2) When I use the debugger and stop and restart the script several times, each time it gets slower. After some trials it gets so slow that it does not work any more.

      When I refresh with F5, most of the time it gets better.

      Sometimes it is necessary to restart Qlik Sense Desktop to get normal load performance.

      Sometimes I even try to restart the laptop and the first thing I do is to load data. Most of the time it works.


      Has anybody experienced the same behaviour with the desktop version?

      What could be the reason and how can I solve it?

      Can it be solved within the script (execute something regarding cache,...)?


      I hope someone can help...


      thanks, Thomas