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    Qlik Sense installation - Shared to synchronized persistence

    Alexis Hadjisoteriou



      I am setting up a multi-node, geographically disparate installation - in other words the 2 "nodes" are geographically far apart so each needs to be installed to be close to it's data sources etc.


      I installed the central node following "blindly"  one of the tutorials and it turns out I installed it  for "shared persistence". When it came to installing the RIM in the remote location, I had issues for the RIM locating the Database host name in the "Shared persistence database" form.


      This made me think and research the matter in more detail and I came to realise that I should have installed both CENTRAL and RIM for Synchronized Persistence instead. So 2 questions:


      a) Does anyone know how I can change from Shared to Synchronized persistence

      b) Anyone have any pointers/guidelines of how I can carry out my installation from scratch using this approach (we seems to be less common).


      All the help/titorials/videos seem to cover Shared Persistemce.


      Thanks in advance