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    Friendly name doesn't appear on filtered excel

    Chris Attewell-Hughes

      Hi guys/Qlik,


      Bit late to the party, but we've just upgraded to NPrinting September.


      Previously I had several tasks running the same template with each filtered for country at the task level. I used the friendly name on the task to ensure the Excel that was produced had a name that identified which version of the report it was.


      This new version of NPrinting seems to have removed this functionality.


      Can we have it back please?


      Chris A.

        • Re: Friendly name doesn't appear on filtered excel
          Kris Markee

          I just downloaded the NP April 2018 upgrade files and release notes and it looks like they fixed it in this release.  I haven't tested it however, just going off what I saw in the release notes, per below...


          Friendly name was not given to the report while using dynamic name

          Jira issue ID: OP-6821

          Reports with Dynamic Naming option enabled, and the Friendly Name set, arrived via email as

          attachments with the Report Name in lieu of the Friendly Name.

          This bug only affected the September 2017 version.