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    Cannot connect to Server while implementing Sense Search Component

    Manan M

      Hello All,


      I am trying to implement Sense Search Component using Qliksense 3.2 on the server. I have been using the following Github

      GitHub - websy85/sense-search-components (including all references to avoid copyright issues) for implementation. However, I am facing the connection error (PFA). I have verified all the listeners are up on the server. Moreover, I have tried all the port numbers for the config variable. I am unable to proceed and need help on this.

      Following are the config values:


      var config = {

              host: "xxx",               //server host name

                port: "4239",               //tried 4244, 4248, 80, 443, 4247, 4239

              prefix: "/",

              isSecure: true,

              app: "xxx"                         //app name



      Any help is greatly appreciated.