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    Problem using set analysis with aggregate and rangesum

    Wayne Antinore

      Hi, I'm creating a chart that uses set analysis to restrict the output.  Everything seemed to be working but then I noticed that a dimension value is being returned for items that are being excluded by the set analysis.  In the chart image below the hour for 6am shows up but there is no information for 6am based on my set analysis.  The information for 6am is for departments not included. 



      I've tried putting the set analysis right after the AGGR, on the individual counts and on all of them but 6am is always being returned.  Here are my AGGR functions for reference.  Thanks in advance for any help.


      Aggr(RangeSum(Above(Count({$<Department_Name = {'CHEMISTRY','HEMATOLOGY'}>}[Order#])/

      Count({$<Department_Name = {'CHEMISTRY','HEMATOLOGY'}>}TOTAL <Date_Receive> [Order#]), 0, RowNo())),Date_Receive,(Received_Hour,Numeric()))



      Aggr({$<Department_Name = {'CHEMISTRY','HEMATOLOGY'}>} RangeSum(Above(Count([Order#])/

      Count(TOTAL <Date_Receive> [Order#]), 0, RowNo())),Date_Receive,(Received_Hour,Numeric()))