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    Inter-Record Chart functions

      Hi, How would I calculate the Cumulative % column please? So that Cumulative % = (The previous row value, Column - 1) + (This row, Column - 1). Please see attached example. Thanks.

        • Inter-Record Chart functions
          Patrick Laredo



          in a straight table copy and paste the expression from column "Cont%", rename it to "Cum%" and at the bottom of the expressions tab tick on the radio button "Full Accumulation".

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              Thanks for your reply. I've done that but the Cum% is now equal to the Cont%. My expression for Cont% is:





              (sum(if (InYear ([Sale Date], Today(), (zYearLast - Year(Today()))), [Sale Value]))) / sum(total(if (InYear ([Sale Date], Today(), (zYearLast - Year(Today()))), [Sale Value])))) * 100

              • Inter-Record Chart functions
                Patrick Laredo



                my error. your expression is fine. my solution works if there is a single dimesion in the report.

                You can see that in your second example where the accumulation works for the stores in the Inland area which are supermarkets.


                Given your data this coudl be a possible workaround.

                Working on the assumption that each store can only be in one area and of one type then instead of having these attributes as columns/dimensions put them in as expressions. for this use only(Area), only(TypeOfStore).

                Your report will then have a single dimension and the accumulation should work for the whole dataset.


                how is the weather down there?

              • Inter-Record Chart functions
                Christian Conejero

                Try these ones:


                This one accumulates columns by row (or otherwise)



                This one accumulates rows by column (or otherwise)

                RangeSum(Above(Total $(vSaldo),0,rowno(Total)))